All Night Gong Puja

The Gongbath Puja is a powerful all night healing experience. It is open to everyone regardless of religion or beliefs, and no experience of Gongbath meditations is required.

Dates coming soon ……...

What is a Gongbath Puja?

A Gong Puja is a celebration of gong sound meditation, and healing. According to Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, one 45 minute Gongbath  has the ability to clear any immediate blocks, and 10 consecutive gongbaths , would  relive us of suffering and deliver us to our hearts: This is the intention and power of an all night gongbath puja!

What happens ?

We don't need to do anything, just lie fully clothed, relax, meditate or sleep,  and let the sounds and vibrations of the gongs wash over and through our being, The sounds and vibrations  gently resonate through our physical, mental and spiritual bodies,  shifting and removing blockages,  massaging our cells and organs back to their optimum healthy vibrations. Literally, re-tuning our bodies, naturally. 

How will I feel?

The Gong Puja can be a very profound and deeply moving experience for many. We will all experience it our own unique and  personal way.  For some of us it  may even be life changing, Just trust that whatever you feel, is right for you . Free your  mind, open your arms and hearts a little wider... lie back and enjoy .........

What to bring

 Please bring blanket/s, sleeping bags, pillow/s and anything you need to get cosy for the night. We will have an area covered in soft gym mats for those of you that like a softer space. Yoga mats are also provided but you are welcome to bring your own mats or foam but not inflatables. Wear comfortable clothing that you are able to sleep in. Its a good idea to bring a bottle or flask you can fill and leave by your side, rather than having to get up. 

The Program

Doors will be open from 9.30pm so you can come and prepare your space. The Puja will begin at 10.30. The gongs will then  be played uninterrupted  until sunrise. 5.38am, when they will slowly fade into silence or "Shunvata" 

We will awaken gradually and gently together. 

Places are limited so its necessary to book in advance.


£46.00 - Includes unlimited refreshments 

Unfortunately this event is not recommended if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker.

If you are uncertain if a Gongbath is right for you, have any health questions or concerns feel free to contact me coral - 07841422763 or mail