Sound Healing Therapy

What is sound healing therapy?

Sound healing works on the same principal as the gong bath using sound vibrations to locate and treat blocked energy , aches and pains, tension, stress and more. During a treatment you will lie or sit comfortably and  instruments such as Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs and the human voice may be used to apply sound to specific areas  of the body where blockages have been located and areas of the body that need treatment. There will be intervals of silence during the treatment, to allow your  body absorbs the sound..  

How will sound healing benefit me?

When we feel great we often say we are, "in tune with our bodies" or, " in tune with ourselves." A sound healing treatment is just like a body tuning. Using sound vibrations blockages found in specific areas of the body can be treated with various sound frequencies to get the energy flowing again. The treatment works on physical, mental and spiritual levels so even when the treatment is over good things are still happening that contribute to a great sense of health and wellbeing.


Initial Consultation and 1st  treatment £55

  1  hour sound healing treatment   £45  

Gong Baths


1 to 1 Gong bath + Initial consultation £55 - 1 hour

Further treatments  £40 - 45mins

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For evening meditation and gong baths

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How would a gong bath benefit me?

As our  bodies are made up mainly of water, gongs can send vibrations literally through you, shifting any stuck energy helping to get your body vibrating  at the right frequency for your well being. Gongs also have the ability to shut off the chattering side of your brain, quietening the mind and bringing a sense of peace and calm mentally and physically.

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What is a Gong Bath?

Gongs baths are amazing! You don’t actually need to do anything to feel the benefits. Just lie or sit in a comfortable position, fully clothed, close your eyes and let the sounds and vibrations  of the gongs gently wash  over and heal you. As your mind gently tunes in to the gong sounds it begins to quieten , you may hear birds, bells or singing, you may see amazing colours, or you may even fall asleep… whatever happens its nourishing and all good.