Meridians and Spring Gongbath

 Sunday 29th March 2020 4.00- 6.00pm

The Thames Club TW18 2PD


During the winter months we tend to literally " wrap up " not just with layers of clothing, socks, hats and all, but also physically  and mentally as we draw our body inwards to keep warm, and for comfort, which in turn slows down our Chi, our life force.

  As Spring approaches we prepare for new growth, new beginnings, and  its important to tend to our Meridians which are a network of channels that run around the body and through the chakras to carry and distribute our chi.

   During this his workshop, Sallyanne will take us through a series of  postures to balance and heal Meridians by releasing blockages. Then we will can relax and soak up the energy of a Springtime gong bath to continue the healing .There is plenty of parking and all equipment except bolsters, will be provided. lease bring a blanket and a pillow and anything you need to get cosy for the Gongbath.


Investment £20

Please contact Sallyanne directly to book. Not the club .Text