Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of sound healing, I hope you find what you need or are inspired by what you find.

So about me, I grew up with music, my father played at Ronnie Scott's and I spent many nights there in my push chair listing to jamming sessions. Music is definitely the key to the soul, and I can map my life and change my moods just by listening to sound. If you can relate to this, then you are already "sound healing" and likely to find that sound healing treatments will resonate well with your being.

I am a fully qualified Sound Healing Therapist, Gong practitioner and a member of the Sound Healing College.  I  offer relaxation treatments including, sound healing, gong baths  and various kinds of meditation and chakra balancing. I am also  a Yoga Nidra instructor and Reki healer and often integrate both practices with  sound treatments. I have  more than 30 years of healing experience and every treatment given is unique  and guided to the needs of the individual at the time.

I  work with many instruments including, gongs, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and the human voice to balance and re- tune the body’s natural vibrations both on a physical and spiritual level. 


 "Sound has the ability to affect our entire being we have all experienced the evocation of memories and feelings when we hear certain songs. At certain times in our life we are drawn to different sounds, natural healing vibrations that can help us feel good, rid us of sadness and help us vibrate at the correct frequency for optimum health. Sound therapy is not a new concept it was the  natural healing medicine of the past and can once again become the medicine of the future. 

Wishing you harmony and good vibrations always... Coral