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Meditation Gong baths
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Feeling stressed or anxious find out all about Gong baths and how they can help calm and heal you .

A powerful healing experience of non-stop all night gongs 

Here you can find out all about sound healing treatments and  how they can help you attain optimum health.


Sometimes gaining a little more knowledge can lead to new begginings in many forms, If you have a little free time why not try something new.

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Coral is amazing, I was curious and went for a sound healing treatment. I never told Coral anything about myself. After the treatment she told me what she had found and I was surprised that she picked up on every little thing. The treatment was very soothing and I definitely felt much better after and areas she worked on felt much better too. Highly recommended . Sharon Weybridge

Everyone needs to have a gongbath!!! After being stressed out for months I couldn't believe how relaxed and calm I felt afterwards.   Elma Hersham

Amazing healing session, had a bad back for years, now its gone wonderful !! Mark Weybridge 

Coral is an amazing healer. After my first Gongbath she asked me if I suffered from backache, which I do ! She said she could see steam coming off that area of my body , which indicates the gongs were working there. On my second session the pain in my back increased and I almost got up to leave. By the end of the session it was gone, and it has never come back !!!  YH Weybridge

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